The cool morning breeze hit my face as I arrived in the Bangalore railway station on one such weekends which are supposed to be busy. But I was on a small break. And you know the feeling right?
There is no peace for you team mates are  working, you are missing classes, then there is this prescribed routine work and then some planned outings, purchases,etc,etc, well the list of worries in one’s life just never ends , does it? Maybe that’s the reason why we look up to astrologers and others rather than ourselves.

I was excited, for I was about to meet my mother after quiet a long time, I decided to hangout and think of no work. I planned to go out for shopping, check out various eatery joints , meet old friends and then a good book and some brilliant music. When I reached home, there was my mum waiting for me with hot idlis and the sambar which I loved. Mothers always know how to pamper their kids, don’t they?

I felt good but not great for my mind was clouded with the things happening in other place. I had come to Bangalore to help out mum and have a nice break, well apparently helping out seemed out of my brains, for I thought it was me who needed help for I had so much of work pending.
For another two days, I kept on fidgeting with my laptop and phone, worried and tensed, because of an unexpected emergency, well it took me two days to sort it out.

The third day with tired eyes, when I looked to up to my mother, I happen to realize she tried to clean the complete house single-handed,  along with being patient with my tantrums, cooked the best food and slept lesser hours than I did. I realized that after I saw her tired face, she looked older than before, but I felt I had made the damage for I had blurted out ,”Mom, I am tired , don’t you see? I haven’t got my cup of coffee yet! Uhhh! Nobody understands my situation”. My mom, a gem, despite her own condition got up  gave me a wide beautiful  smile, stood up and without a fuss apologized and  rushed off to the kitchen.

I felt ashamed and wanted mom to give me one tight  slap, but there was my mom preparing my coffee just as I like it. That’s when I felt a mother gives her complete self , gives 150% into household chores, raising up the family,cooking which learnt after getting married and so many things that we hardly happen to see and realize. Yet, not a word of complaint, just a smile, anything for the family attitude, that is when I realized, there must be a work and home balance, giving 250% to work and then again worry of its consequences is what I needed to stop. I had to balance it, as soon as possible, for it was already late. I switched of my laptop and the phone, finished what  my mom had left when she ran off to prepare my coffee. There was this new found jest and a bounty of optimism, my worries I kept at bay and my confusion cleared. I saw my mother who kept on improving herself, not fighting for the credits of her work. My mother mad me realize to start improving myself so much that I would have no time for criticism. I decided to be too noble to get angry and too strong for fear.

That smile on mom’s face after I shouted for my coffee and the smile after I tried to finish the household chores(It was so difficult. Sigh!) were the best thing that happened to me. No matter what I smile through the difficult times, and when I am too shaken and when everything is dark, my mother’s smile just brightens the path and things seem to be easier.
I now believe Victor Hugo was right when he told,”Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”
True isn’t it?

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