Jim Valvano says,
“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”

But daddy here is what I want to tell you….
I don’t know if you spilled tears of happiness when I was born, nor do I rember if I called you out before I uttered “Ma”. I was little to remember if you were there with your arms stuck out to catch me when I took my first steps or stumbled.

But I do remember when you were there to hug me and kiss me on my first days of school but I must say daddy you were late and I was afraid. At each stage of my life you were there and are to teach me,tease and laugh with me. I remember,every competition I participated against mom’s will and you always stood beside me,but you taught me to respect mom and keep her above everyone. I also do remember the times when you told me to go ask mother, while mother told me to ask you. Funny were those times and innocence was the essence.

As I grew up my favourite things became yours, now when I ponder maybe it was the other way round. Chocolates,advise, lecture and support I got from you during my teenage years. The four years when you were not with us, dad I must say which I have never have that I missed you terribly. I missed our fights, your advice, support, love and of all your presence at situations when I needed you the most.

At those difficult times I adhered to the past, the time we spent travelling and exploring doing things that was uninteresting to mom and brother. The jokes we cracked on people speaking poor english, on grandmother’s hyperbolized stories. 

Dad I ought to tell you that it was you who taught me to value myself and told me that I was beautiful and that I was as precious to you.I never realized how the session of sharing chocolates with you changed to sharing thoughts, deep discussions, debates and actually idea pitching for my projects.Your thoughts and insight about life gave me strength and inspiration that will last a lifetime. You gave me the best gift I could ever possess, the habit of reading endlessly and loving books. There are many more but this is just to name one.

I could keep bragging about you. But I don’t want to make others jealous of me, although I know every daughter has a daddy like you.

But to the world, I would like to say .”My dad’s contentment is all that matters to me. When he’s laughing, I’m laughing. When he’s happy, I’m happy. To me, nothing else but his happiness matters.When he’s disappointed in me I feel terrible.” 
Maybe that is why I am called my daddy’s girl! And would like to be called so forever! 


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