I wish the world was devoid of feelings,
But then we would no longer behave as human beings.
Feelings just adds up to pain,
But that is when the art of living we gain.

I wish there were no expectations,
But then there would be no competitions.
Expectation are the root of disappointment.
But the true love you find after is an utter amazement.

I wish there was just hope everywhere,
So much that people could take it anywhere.
It takes courage to have hope.
With no hope all you can do is to grope..

I wish there was abundant love.
But it is as bit as a clove.
Love is a symbol of eternity.
As long as we don’t treat it as an entity.

I wish we could dump all the miseries of life into the recycle bin.
Then would man not do any sin?
I wish there were no problems,
And now I can imagine the world free of troubles!!!


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