Hi there! 

It has been so long I have written here and interacted. I write and delete and then procrastinate, pondering if anyone will read again?

Wonder if I will write content that will bring value to someone.

I have been wondering if anyone wants to listen to what I was up to and why the silence. Do you want to know the books I have read and what I loved or did not about it? I am unsure. 

 I type this, cozily sitting in my room with a blanket over me and a hot cup of water. The weather is gloomy, and the skies are dark. It could pour any time now. Every time self-doubt gets better of me, I remind myself that I am doing this for myself. I also finally decided to write and hit publish, because I owed it to those warm messages I get from kind people who motivate, inspire me, and remind me how my words/ opinion helped them.

Life Updates

I have three updates, and I would love to read your updates. Promise?

The Naughty Devil

I had big travel plans the last year, and life decided otherwise when I found out we were pregnant with travel restrictions. Next month our little princess will be turning one. We have named her Dheetya, meaning: Answer to prayers. Hence, all the silence. It has been a difficult and yet a beautiful journey. Our naughty little one is tapping the screen, trying to help me write by tapping the keyboard, giving me a heart-melting toothless grin. 


 Full-Time Job & Freelancing

I quit my high paying job with no plans but started freelancing while on the job. I am unsure if I will go back or continue the freelancing life. But at the time I quit, I was sure I wanted to. To give time to do things I loved, for the sake of my mental and physical health, and to explore certain things. For now, I am happy writing, creating infographics, and helping people/brands reach their right audience.

Vegan, Minimalism, and Sustainability

For the past few months, I have been on the path of being a vegan. I have my reasons, which I will write about in a different post. 

I am a big-time hoarder, and for the past two years, I have been trying to declutter, reduce, reuse, and recycle. I will be sharing my experiences, but over time, because I am still a work in progress and indulge at times. 

The pandemic has put traveling into the back seat. But I have begun to see this as an opportunity to work on myself, spend time with the family, keep fit, and be travel-ready when it is possible. 

Also, the pandemic has increased the work at home, sanitizing all the items, repeatedly cleaning the house. With no house help, I am viewing cleaning as an opportunity to keep fit, and cooking has been such a therapeutic affair these days. 

Also, the views I have these days are outside my window and from the terrace filled with plants. 


I know it is a tad bit late to ask, but how are you all doing and surviving this pandemic?

What is keeping you sane?


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