Can we take a time-out in life I wondered?
Today, out loud I pondered.
And then a friend told for fun,
that life is a constant run,
Run Baby Run!

It could get hard or we may sail smooth,
but you got to keep going and that is the truth.
But this run. It is a race.
And there is no grace or disgrace.

To survive this run, you need faith and confidence,
be courageous and always retain your innocence.
Compete with none but you,
embrace everything new.

You may win or lose,
but to be kind to yourself and others you choose.
You may stumble because of the speed,
it will hurt and you will bleed.

But this race, it only makes you stronger,
Never give up, hold on a little longer.
Remember, no matter what, up will come the sun.
Daily you got to get up and run baby run!


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