Happy 2018 eveyone! I have been away for too long. But here I am kinda summing up with this poem, why I was away and how I won’t be any longer. 😉


When I sat down to write,
the sun was full and shining bright.
I typed away a few words,
unnecessary thoughts tore me like hungry birds.

When the moon shines bright,
and things begin to feel right.
I decide not to think of what others think,
but instead just my thoughts I must ink.

But days go on with the same routine,
and I feel like I have become a machine,
stuck in the middle of a vital function,
trying to perform the final action.

I no longer wanted to be the malfunctioning structure,
who looked all fine but may anytime rupture.
I wanted to be the alive and full of life person,
I wanted to be me. I was certain.

Writing my heart away was one way,
and I promise in your hearts for a long time I shall stay.
I shall not sway but be consistent and moreover remain me.
for those who don’t like it are free to flee.


And this GIF son my mind today:

GIF when-i-sat-down-to-write

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