All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time.

– Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Most of us are afraid of change, to me, it is scary. This is after telling myself multiple times that change is good, challenging and one of best ways to grow.

Endings aka new beginnings are bittersweet. The things that went by good or bad is now over and a brand new book awaits to write another story, you could make history or be in bits and pieces and be forgotten. But the point is it is scary since you can’t foresee or predict. Sometimes what you thought would be right will not be what you actually wanted and sometimes what you felt will be terrible would be a boon instead.

So all in all, although change is scary, it is necessary and it depends on what we believe. Every time a new beginning ends we have mixed feelings about what went by, introspection, permutation and combination of what ifs.

A few months back multiple new books opened and old ones closed, personally and professionally. While I thought that the bad days had gone and good days had finally arrived, I realized that it isn’t how I had expected it to be, my inner self-wasn’t calm, while I had many reasons for it be. Then I realized that many times just a chapter closes and not the entire book, and the chapter depends on how we decide to make it. Good or bad, positive or negative depends on our perspective.

If we choose to see only the negative side of things then simplest and purest of things which earlier made us happy also would now feel terrible. I began to see life differently, neither was I nor am I an overly positive person but at times when I feel low, I chose to see the bright side of things, restoring my inner peace to normal.

How do you keep yourself intact? Are you peaceful inside if so how do you arrive at that state?


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