I wake up at no fixed time,
and that feels like committing a crime!
I plan to wake up early and follow a morning ritual,
But this laziness has now become habitual!

I promise daily to exercise regularly,
and I don’t do that particularly!
I don’t skip breakfast no matter what,
On my way to the office, I wish I discovered a shortcut.

I swipe my way to the inside of the office,
greeting the colleagues and the bosses.
Working throughout the day,
in the middle, to my dream world I fly away.

On my way back to home,
I catch up, sleep and in my dreams roam.
I look forward to the hot and tasty tea,
then on the other tasks, I began to see.

I have no fixed schedule then on,
we have dinner and by then the energy is all gone down.
I scribble or doodle if I can,
for tomorrow I plan.

Then the cozy bed opens its arms in invitation,
I jump in without any hesitation.
We discuss the happenings of the day,
and in each other’s arms, sleep away.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6


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