“No matter what a woman’s appearance may be, it will be used to undermine what she is saying and taken to individualise – as her personal problem – observations she makes about the beauty myth in society.” ― Naomi Wolf

My heart is beating faster than ever. Maybe I should check my blood pressure now, maybe it is so high that it would explode. Oh god, the last month’s extra cheese pizza seems like grease within the body god save me. No, these aren’t my workout scenes, these are my weight checking scenes. So many thoughts in those 20 seconds 😀

And I put on 2Kgs! The pretty peach dress won’t fit and that aunty is going to spot out like Sherlock Holmes, followed by a lecture about wedding and dressing. I make a silent prayer that I steer clear of any discussion about my weight and lectures on how it is important it is to put on the makeup and stay slim and trim.

Once you enter your twenties, the “weight issues” starts. There are two issues here. We could put on weight due to hormonal imbalances or because of the busy lives and sedentary lifestyle. You also could slim down either because you are fed up of body shaming or/and because you realise how important it is to stay healthy.

My twenties have introduced me to a new set of nosy people, who sniff out extra weight from miles, greeting me with weight lecture and ending with heavier advises. While it is essential, that people in twenties realise the importance of a healthy life and staying fit, I would never shed or gain to fit in others expectations.

If you have beautiful curves, people aren’t happy and if you don’t people aren’t happy either. That is why the trick is to keep calm, eat your favourite chole bature and then wake up the next day to work out 🙂


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