“So the whole war is because we can’t talk to each other.” ― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

Communication is the most important part in any relationship. Be it personal, professional or random. I believe most of us lack this essential skill. We don’t know when to speak, when to speak up and when not to speak. Most importantly we tend to speak at unnecessary times and unnecessary things.
The art of communication should be taught in schools, nevertheless, it is the time we think before we talk, speak up when required, shut up when you are not asked to speak or know when it is unnecessary to talk.

In the name of sense of humour,
we hurt and spread the rumour.
We speak without giving any thought,
seldom do we want things to sort.

We are hurt but we can’t speak up,
although words are flowing from the cup.
We don’t speak when it is needed the most,
between what is to be said not said a lot of voice is lost.

The IM replaces calls,
the good old language just falls.
It is time to buckle up and raise,
get back to the good old communication ways.

**All through April I will be posting the A-Z of life of a girl of twenty-something as a part of the A-to-ZChallenge. Do join me in this journey of introspection and lesson.**


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