I remember being embarrassed for not answering every question in the class my professor asked me, or if I failed to answer some question a relative or someone asked. Sometimes the questions were embarrassing, mind-boggling and most of the times unnecessary. Then I used to have these moods, which varied from interested in answering every stupid question to not interested in even listening to the question.

Get together’s used to get embarrassing because some people just need to get their answers, I feel they travelled all the way to ask that silly not so important-none-of-your-business question. Till the recent past, I thought I had no option but to answer every question that was tossed to me.

When I started practising the art of responding, I realised it was okay to take my time to answer the question and also it wasn’t necessary for me to answer every question that was asked. I wasn’t giving any exam where I would be getting marks on answering. I had the choice to answer or not. My dad always told me that there were no stupid questions, but only stupid answers because we are quick to answer as if the bullet would go off if we did not answer.

These days when someone questions me on my personal life, professional life or health my answer is usually silence. I have found solace in silence, because, people don’t stop with one question. Followed by your answer is an elaborate free advice or another set of unnecessary questions. When I answer, I no longer talk like I am writing an answer for the ten mark question in social science. I keep it brief and need to know basis. I have come across better techniques of answering random, unnecessary and every category of questions except the interview questions. A post on it after I convince myself that it works well.

All in all, the twenties is a period, where you need to understand that you will not find an answer to every question you have in your life and also you aren’t obliged to answer everyone. You can choose to not answer if you don’t want to.


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