“Life is a juggling act with your own emotions. The trick is to always keep something in your hand and something in the air.”
― Chloe Thurlow, Katie in Love

We as humans are very good jugglers. Somethings in the air, some things in hand, constantly juggling. You get introduced to juggling in you early twenties. We are introduced to it much earlier, but the heat is felt in the twenties, there is so much to balance and at times your hands want to give up, but your heart and mind keep things going.

Life is a juggling act and will continue to remain so, what is important is to do it with grace. Sometimes you can’t juggle all the balls you have in your hand, it will fall and then you try again and try till you can juggle all the balls and then decide to take more. Maybe at a point, the number of balls reduce, I don’t know for I haven’t seen or observed it that keenly, but I know we all have to juggle our way through and like everything else learning the art of juggling with grace isn’t easy.

So far, I have loved to have more balls than I can handle, over working at times, but then I liked it that way, over time, I started prioritising things and that reduced many balls, which I wasn’t happy t let go though.

I realise now that juggling in life is that art which teaches you to face and learn from failure, helps you see the bigger picture, teaches you to focus and prioritise the things you have in hand and most importantly helps you face changes better.

In your early twenties, you tend to take more balls than you can ever juggle like I did and like I still do, but it is essential to juggle a little of everything and not stay confined. And most importantly to master the art of juggling, see the beauty in simplicity.

I still have  a long way to go in juggling. How about you?


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