• The twenties is a period where you encounter so many people, could fall in love, make soulful connections, but sometimes we make wrong choices, sometimes the situation is such that a person breaks our heart or we break someone else’s. So it is essential to learn to forgive and learn from the past.

It is okay to forgive,
For peacefully you need to live.
I know forgiveness doesn’t come easy,
But then your mind would never be free.

If someone broke your heart,
recovery by forgiving you start.
But never should you forget,
Learn from it and never regret.

To not forgive is like to tie rocks,
with heavy locks.
But your heart with wings need to soar,
For the lion in it again needs to roar.

Early in life learning it is a strength,
like knowing your soul’s entire depth and length.
Remember we all make mistakes,
and also have had our share of heartaches.


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