“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family.”
― Jim Butcher

Letting the right people inside your life will probably always remain a challenge. You sometimes misjudge people and you have to face the consequences. The twenties is a period of meeting a lot of people. If you are lucky enough, you form strong and beautiful bonds.

When I first left home to pursue engineering, I did not shed a tear. But I missed mum and weirdly I hardly showed any emotion, probably because I knew she would cry too. Over time, I expressed, how I missed her very much and how I controlled myself from tears flowing by, every time I said goodbye.

At the end of my undergraduate program, I realised how separated we all were due to dad’s transfers, our education and other commitments. It wasn’t any one’s mistake, but after granny passed away, we always had periods of separation for some reason or the other. Education or work.The four of us hardly stayed together for long and that was so disheartening to realise. From then on I tried my best in seeing to it that all of us spent ample time together. Back then we took few decisions on the same.

I have had an amazing family, whether we were away or together we were always connected. Looking out for each other, being there no matter what. Because that is what a family is supposed to do right?

A supportive and encouraging family is a necessity in your twenties. You are so confused with respect to so many things and there is so much peer pressure and the pressure of the society that to remain sane, you need one excellent support system.

In this phase of life, friends become your family too, your home away from home is the family you chose. You lose many but you also find who would stick with you through your thick and thin. I think that is very beautiful about your twenties, how so many things change, what you desire from a person and what you are ready to give back changes, your goals and definition of relationship, life and support changes.

Did your twenties see formation of strong bonds growng into your tribe? How was twenties, family and friends? 😉


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