“It may seem so easy to take it easy but, it is never so easy to take it easy”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

I worked hard for that is how you succeed.
In everything, I wanted to lead.
None I wanted to disappoint,
I guess I never got the point.

In your twenties, you take things heads on,
You gotta get it before it’s gone.
Everything is serious and needs to be perfect,
At times to eat and breathe you forget.

But it is okay to fail,
even that successfully you shall sail.
And it’s okay to take it easy,
winds always need not be breezy.

Doing easy things isn’t a crime,
every good thing takes time.
Breathe. Let go. Take it easy,
It is okay to rest that mind and body busy.

**All through April I will be posting the A-Z of life of a girl of twenty-something as a part of the A-to-ZChallenge. Do join me in this journey of introspection and lesson.**


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