“We’re adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?” Ā -Meredith Grey

As a kid, I had small dreams. The most important one was to grow up. Yeah, I regret that now. I had no option. Did I?
I wanted to grow up quick, skip all the studying part, go work, be independent and all those sorts that I am supposedly now. At that point of time, it looked so good. Being a grown up and all. It sucks to be a grown up, to be frank.

In your twenties, you imagine moving away to different cities to pursue your dream or education or career and think of all those things that you could possibly do which your parents wouldn’t have allowed you otherwise. Life away from family is not a good idea, it breaks you, but it also makes you. You move from a cosy 5-star treatment of home to a cockroach and lizard occupied paying guest where food poisoning is bound to happen at least once. The space so cramped that even walking needs effort.

The twenties is a myth buster. It has a sharp needle that starts bursting your dream bubble one by one.
Effect: Domino effect.

You are now earning and you decide that no longer you would need to ask for the pocket money, in reality, the pocket money doesn’t stop and it helps you from not being broke at the end of the month.

Then you have days when you wonder where is it that you have ended up. The years of hard work, stress, accolades to come to a place that is far from what you have imagined. Nostalgia hits you, it is more of anxiety and frustration and just when you think you can’t take it anymore your friend from college calls you up and calls you to have lunch. You feel a lot better after the rant and reminiscing session.

Then there are days when you miss your family so much that you would want to quit and run away but then the bright person the almighty sent called MOM knocks some sense into you.

As a grown up I always thought I would be emotionally strong, not cry for silly things like in my childhood. Wrong. All wrong, you just would never know when those tissues may come handy. There is a constant emotional upheaval.

In your twenties, you are supposedly all sorted and you have a plan of what you want in your life. All sorted and clear. But the truth is you are the most confused. As if you are in a maze blindfolded not knowing how to get out right but have assumed that every other person in the race has found the correct route.

You dream of parties on the weekends but the reality is you would be roaming in your PJs late in the day washing clothes, running errands and all you could think of all the hard work is a good book, tea and binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for the 100th time.

The best part is you would have dreamt about parents and relatives finally treating you like adults, but you would be getting lectures on obedience, cleanliness, life, health, I mean everything okay. Over time I have begun liking my parents advising, although I get irritated sometimes I have begun to see sense in it. You would realise it too, sooner or later. You would.

Like many things in life, you dream, you expect of so many things, but reality always is different. In your twenties, you begin dreaming bigger and better, you grow matured enough to accept failure, move on and also believe in yourself. While you know your dream may not come true as expected, you would learn to accept it, learn from it and dream bigger.

Was there any dream of yours that your adulthood shattered or probably redefined?

**All through April I will be posting the A-Z of life of a girl of twenty-something as a part of the A-to-ZChallenge. Do join me in this journey of introspection and lesson.**


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