“We need to learn the slow ‘yes’ and the quick ‘no.’” -Tom Friel

I have had a tough time saying No, from the start. My experience with it began long ago. The twenties is a period where we begin to learn to make decisions, and as complete beginners, we fail often, try to please people and we say yes without a thought in order to do most things in the minimum stipulated time.

These are the three reasons I tell myself on saying No:

1. Other’s Reaction Is Their Responsibility

Often we say yes to please others and end up in a tight spot, stressed out and guilty of saying yes. We are often afraid of hurting the other person or disappointing them. But it is essential to remember that you can’t please everyone and like my father says, disappointment is better than resentment.

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2. Say No to Say Yes to Important Things

This is the time where there are so many things to do and so little time. But it is essential to prioritise. Say no to certain things, so that you can make time to do things that are fulfilling and essential.

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3. Emotional & Mental Well-Being

I often ended up saying yes to so many things that I did not want to or over-worked myself. Sometimes we end up doing this with people who are mere acquaintances who are not worth the effort and turmoil. The mind keeps thinking and feeling guilty of saying no for a long time and going gets tough.

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