1. I take on the baton of Blog Love from Chandni.

If this were supposed to be a speech, maybe my usual chatterbox self would go mum and you could probably see my eyes filled and tears trying to escape. Just maybe, alright? I can’t be crying when I would be talking about something I love so much. Can I ? Luckily, I am using the best form of expression but what troubles me is if I could tell you how much I love my blog. What if my words fail me and don’t do justice?

Something inside me stirs maybe because I gave life to it, nurtured it and also let it take care of me. If you know what I mean, the feeling is liberating. It’s a plethora of emotions and a feeling like no other. My blog has been my support for quite some time now. To lift me when I fall, hold me when I stumble and a silent promise to stand by me what come may. I have spent nights, to make my humble abode comfortable for me to dwell in and also let others in when they want to. Poured my heart and soul into its being and did everything with utmost dedication and care without any expectation.

My blog is a part of me, it has fought, survived and stood against many odds, and maybe that is when we grew stronger. Had this been a poem we could have probably expressed each other well, you know, storm in like the cold breeze on a warm summer morning and let you derive the pleasure of melody of words. But there is so much to say and feel that, pouring it out just like that seemed apt. But my mind wants to reminiscence the moments we had, the places we have gone and cherish the new bonds that we have made. We started this one fine night into oblivion, pouring out thoughts, becoming braver with expression, reaching new heights and setting bigger goals. I know not where this path of ours lead to. But I am sure it is a beautiful place.

My blog shall be my first love forever. But this Valentine’s Day let us know how much you love us?

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Mithila.


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