I hum as I type today,
It has never happened before I say.
Silence and a cozy corner for writing I seek,
I told myself today that it was okay to let the music speak.
And bend the rules I made.

Today, I only write this,
it isn’t pure bliss.
Unlearning multi-tasking ain’t that easy,
to me, these words far too cheesy.
But I am trying.

I am unsure of the future,
today I decided that only me I would nurture.
Not my fears, inhibitions or ego,
Today I feel light because I just let go.
I have gained a kilo more, though.

My mental and physical health I promise to take care,
mostly self-care, yeah, including my hair.
Pray, smile, talk more text less,
Write more blog less I guess.
I promise to unconditionally love me and those around me.

New hobbies to my cap I plan to add,
the list is super big and a little mad.
But what’s life if you can’t do what you love,
says even the almighty up above.
To travel, love, find, read and live the moment I decide.
and stop doing things that tear me up inside.

I plan not to pursue but work and wait for what I seek.
Now, it is time you speak….
That is all I can think of today,
I just hope I don’t go astray.



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