All of us are standing in a big queue and waiting. We are waiting for that one perfect moment, time or day. We idolize the idea of perfection. So now we are in this constant rut of finding the perfect partner or being in the perfect relationship. What we all need to remember is there is no such thing as a perfect family or a relationship or a day. All of us are imperfectly broken, to fall into places perfectly. We all have ups and downs, heartbreaks, fights, uglier things. At the end of the day those who are meant to be will be and in everything, there is a lesson to be learned.

But hardly do we realize that all of us are waiting for that one perfect day to fall in love, to land the dream job, to make the long pending road trip, to quit smoking, to find your calling or to take the risk. Too much burden on the one poor perfect day I say! It’s so afraid of our unrealistic expectations that all of us are on the waiting list standing there impatiently, trying to get ahead of each other even there. Fast food times need not actually call for a fast forward life. I know life is short but everything takes its own sweet time.

In the long queue, few of us realize our folly, make friends and get out of the line. We help each other but fight our own battles and although we hope for that one perfect day we know that things just don’t happen on a particular day. Days are just significant milestones. Like you have anniversaries, birthdays, they aren’t perfect days. No, they aren’t. It is us, it is the warmth and love that makes it perfect.

Then we have this terrible habit of comparing milestones of ours and others. Assuming the other person has something perfect, comparing his with ours and then ruining what we already have. But the fact is the other person has his own set of battles that we are unaware of.

All I am telling is this:-

Stop waiting for the perfect day,
Life is shades of gray.
Don’t compare, assume or over think.
Just live to the fullest and thing will just sync.

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