Author: Priya Kumar
ISBN: 978-93-5258-970-8
Price: Rs 299/-
Publisher: Books That Inspire
Genre: Self-Help
No. of Pages: 150

About the Author:

Priya Kumar is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, nationally renowned and award-winning bestselling author & the CEO and Chief Facilitator of Priya Kumar’sTraining Systems. She is also the author of the books I Am Another You and License To Live.
Priya has been leading the corporate training industry for over 15 years with a clientele of over 600 Fortune Companies. She does workshops on Leadership, team building, himself .peak performance, women empowerment and personal breakthrough.


The book is a spiritual adventure of Arjun. The protagonist is at the brink of a personal breakdown and is obsessed with his career but also has begun questioning his purpose in life. He meets with a fatal accident but survives to rediscover himself. On the insistence of a Sadhu, he starts his journey to discover his purpose, his true calling in life.

The path to Hemkund Sahib is full of lessons, challenges, and confusions. Arjun is brought face to face with the mess he had created himself in his personal and professional life.

He starts his journey as an escape for he had nothing to go back to or bring his life back to normalcy, or so he thought. He meets Sadhus and a few people who help him gain spiritual insights, teach him lessons of life, peace, purpose, family and friendship.

The book is full of lessons and quotes worth pondering and getting back to any time you feel lost. If you want to know what happens to Arjun and his life next, you got to pick up the book.

My Say:

I have read motivational books before and this book was a little similar to Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. The book has almost every emotion covered at a spiritual level, love, anger, sense of humor and most importantly a realization of follies and its acceptance. In life, it takes immense will and courage to realize your mistake and then get on to a path of correction and improvement.

The book has lessons for an individual on various relationships he forms with people, from friends, spouse, kids to a random person we meet in the journey called life. After finishing this book, I feel this book may have been inspired by The Secret. The values taught there are more or less told here in a much deeper sense.

The teachings by Sadhus are certain things one need to understand and implement in many aspects of life. Here are a few quotes from the book that I have absolutely loved of many:

“Stop pretending not to know. Stop waiting for others to tell you who you are.”

“You can’t clean up by being in the mess. You have to raise above it to see and understand it.”

“When you don’t change your state of power, you have control over what changes or remains constant around you. The world responds to who you are.”

Not tat I was hoping to find my calling or purpose after reading this book, but I was a little disappointed as the book just went down after an amazing start. A few parts were dragged and I was waiting for it to end, while there were a few parts which were unsettled. The ending was a little dramatic like a Bollywood movie. I feel it should not have ended abruptly.

The language is simple and the book is certainly worth a read. I would probably read it again for the amazing teachings. I would suggest you keep a marker handy so that you don’t have to read the dragging part again.

I rate the book a 4/5


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