A few years ago, there was a new gadget at home one day and my brother and father were all over it. I just could not understand what it was all about. I just knew it was a men’s grooming gadget and I had assumed only women groomed.

So the next day my dad’s shaving kit was replaced by this grooming gadget. So this electronic shaver/trimmer became their favorite. And then I wondered, why do men have all the fun. Why do women have to use some cream that isn’t sufficient or sit in the parlor for waxing, which is paying for pain?

And I heard about epilation. So, at least here, men are the not only on who can have a fancy grooming gadget after all. Women have one too, added to the big list of grooming gadgets. After persuasion and saving, I finally managed to buy an Epilator, six months back.

So here is the list of 12 things that Epilators users know:


  1. ย Addictive!: I love smooth and soft skin. We all do. Don’t we? Epilation gives a soft and smooth skin and you schedule epilations sessions at ease.
    GIF addictive
  2. No In Between Days: Unlike other methods, you don’t have to epilate frequently, for the precision is very high.
  3. Long Lasting: An Epilator removes hairs from the root, so skin remain smooth for a long time and you don’t have to sit in the parlor or bathroom for long hours.
  4. Quality Results At Home: No more waiting in parlor or scheduling an appointment. You can get a smooth skin at your convenience. Quick and fuss free hair removal!
  5. Saving Guru: Epilators save multiple parlor visits. A one-time investment and a companion forever.
  6. Smooth Wardrobe Forecast: You get to dress according to the climate outside or what your heart says and not according to your waxing schedule.
  7. No Pain Maharaj: ABrun Silk-Epil epilators have a clever massage attachment for gentle epilation and one can epilate in bath or shower too. Warm water relaxed you and smooth skin.
  8. Head to Toe Satin Skin: Epilators aren’t restricted to just your legs. So ladies epilate where you wish to and flaunt your super smooth skin.
  9. All Skin Type: My mother having a sensitive skin, convincing her to use epilator was a herculean task. One try and she aren’t hesitant anymore, given there are two speeds. So set the speed, hold at a 90-degree angle to the body part you are epilating, glide against the direction of hair growth and Voila! Welcome to the super smooth skin club.
  10. ย Appeals To Each Woman Inside Us: To be frank, I am not that kind of person who either waits for waxing session or epilate, Although I love a smooth skin, I epilate only when I am in the mood to. For all those women who likes to stay in control of their appearance always, you can use Barun Silk Epil 0 Skin Spa which is their most efficient epilator till date.
  11. Confidence Booster: With a press of a button, you get to have super smooth skin with long lasting results. So hello confidence boost and that accompanying spring-in-your companion have noticed.
  12. Jessica Alba’s Choice: Jessica Alba is a pro in epilation and she recommends Barun for you. So if my opinion matters even I recommend too 😛

For more information on Barun’s Beauty Portfolio click here.

About Braun:

Braun, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble founded in Germany in 1921, develops and manufactures a wide variety of small domestic appliances that marry technical innovation, reliable quality, and distinctive design. These range from electric shavers and beauty products to hair care appliances. Braun products enjoy worldwide distribution.ย 

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