Our entire life we want to be a person we perceive to be as perfect. This idea of perfection is formed by various people we see around, the ones our parents have compared us with, the celebrities and the way they are portrayed, the peers and relatives we assume to have a perfect life. Isn’t it why we idolize celebrities? Because we love the idea of their lives. We perceive it to be perfect. How about for a change accept that the life that you are leading although has flaws is imperfectly perfect?

A year ago, around this time, an event in my life jolted me and I felt for a few days I was trapped and had fallen into the web I could have never come out of. The feeling where I could never have my freedom. But, I did come out of the situation. That day on I has been on a journey of knowing myself, my flaws and most importantly accepting myself the way I am. It was more of finding purpose, fulfillment,peace and self-discovery.Life is too short to feel threatened the same way ever again.

Today, self-reliance and self-acceptance have been on my mind. Like all of us, I had a mirage of perfectionism in my mind. I longed to be tall so that the clingy saree suited me, or so I was told repeatedly that I believed it was true and longed for slender and a tall figure. But my friends with such figures had a different idea of the perfect saree body. This was just a simple example of my idea of perfection physically. I broke so many of my own self-made perfection ideas and those around me thought was a perfect thing this year

We all are in this constant rut of blending in and modifying ourselves to what the society deems to be perfect. Be it a career, relationships, dressing or lifestyle. If you fear of being the odd one out by doing what you think is perfectly alright and instead follow the crowd, you will loose your individuality one day down the lane. And to stick up to your thoughts and beliefs needs a lot of self-acceptance. You can never convince your loved ones if you aren’t convinced yourself. Learn to validate your beliefs and thoughts and the world will believe in the unique you.

Often we are taught and made to believe in a few norms which over time stands invalid. The real challenge is to come out of that and do the thing that your inner-self desires to.

A year later today,when I write this, I know my body is just perfect to drape on that saree that lies in the cupboard. I am as beautiful and successful as the other person anyone compares me to. I exercise not to attain the perfect body but to stay fit. I am in no competition with anyone but myself. In so many ways have I embraced myself and in turn learned things about myself and how different I am.

With this I leave this powerful quote for you to ponder on,
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Have you truly unleashed your inner self?



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