Today I write about 6 misconceptions about engineering from an engineer’s perspective. All opinions are personal and out of my experience.

A few years back, being a banker was considered to be one of the best profession, a government job in general because of the various perks it offered. Then in line came professional courses like Engineering and MBBS. Every parent wanted their child to be a doctor or engineer. Recently I have seen many people doing what they feel is the right career choice for them and parents not being so obsessed with this idea.

I am an engineer by profession and a proud one. So here I am listing out 6 misconceptions about engineering.

  1. Engineering is easy!- When I was in class 12, I was told to work hard and get into a good engineering college and the struggle for high grades and the tension would end. I was also told engineering was very easy. Although I did not take it up for being easy but I would like to tell that person not to feed false hopes! Any course needs hard work and efforts to come up.
    GIF Engineering is easy
  2.  Engineering is superior to other degrees: Every course has a value of its own and most of us end up being almost at the same job. So by any means, engineering is not superior, it has a beautiful charm and definitely teaches an individual a lot of things.
    GIF All degrees equal
  3.  Engineering = Job confirmed: Like any other thing in life, nothing comes confirmed in life. In needs a lot of preparation and patience to have job offers. Not everyone who studied engineering got it easily or may have one right now. It is a professional degree not the route to corporate.
  4. Engineers and the appliance fixing saga: Most of us love innovation but we can’t fix the mixer or the television and no matter what you think of us we are still engineers.
    GIF appliance
  5. Engineers are Gadget Gurus: Nope. Everything is born out of interest. Not all engineers love and know about gadgets. Many don’t have any social media profile and hardly know anything about the necessary specification.
    GIF gadget guru
  6. Engineering is entirely self-learning: In my early days of engineering, many people told me that nobody would teach in college.  I was told that I must not expect them to because that is what “college” was meant to be.  Why are there professors then? Any subject in engineering needs self- learning for better understanding but professors teach and you would have a great time if you had a professor who knows his subject his well and knows to teach well.
    GIF self-learning

I know there are more such misconceptions but these are what I am fed up of hearing.We all assume so many things about various professions right? Is there any misconception you had about a career before which you no longer believe?


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