Buzz goes the alarm,
she snoozes it with her arm.
The silence is the calm before the storm.
She gets out of the bed that is inviting and warm.

Cooking, laundry, husband and kiddo,
Her mom had done the ditto.
Emails, IM, newspaper and tea,
she just dived into the ever working sea.

The elves hide the socks and the books,
Only she can find them from their hiding places,
Mind you , they leave no traces.
She would do just anything to see those happy faces.

Dodging her way to work,
Making efforts not to go berserk.
A zillion thoughts and a single body,
office politics and in the middle remembering mommy!

The child’s warm smile,
Makes her day worthwhile.
Juggling is now routine.
Just remember she is no machine.
She could break down one day,
I hope you don’t end up that way!

And it is Day 19 of UBC!


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