Most of us over age, forget or neglect to take care of ourselves. The rush and the race kills so much of us and we don’t even realize. Here is a poem on similar lines:

My dear lovely ladies,
whether you are in early twenty’s or late eighties,
You need not run to the door at the sound of the creaking gate,
the other person will wait!

I know you love your family to bits,
compromising your health you better call it quits.
Take care of yourself,
and then you can take care of others!

It is okay to rest and take a break,
Do it for your own sake.
Sip the tea hot and slow,
A lot of work is pending, I know.
Breathe, relax and go with the flow.

Sleep a little more when you feel like it,
putting others first always you quit.
remember, you have just one life to live,
So live to the fullest and your best you give.

This post is written for Day 28 of UBC


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