What do you do when one of your favorite bloggers agree to do a guest post on your blog? You grab the opportunity with both hands and do a happy dance!

So ** Tada** I welcome the beautiful and amazing Kala Ravi Sarathy to my humble abode today! 🙂

Here goes the poem she penned:

A little girl was I, buried in dreams of a lovely fairyland,
where dwarves, elves, fairies and pixies abound.

Why does Fairy Godmother not save me,
from the clutches of the evil witch teacher I wondered.

I waited fervently, hoping she was delayed,
saving some other Cinderella in despair.

Why can’t I have some pixie dust to enchant,
my wretched papers from being marked all red.

Where is the delectable love potion,
I need to make my dreamboat swoon all over me.

Where are the magic cleaning brooms,
and the magic cooking pot when you really need them.

Where can I find the Smile-Baby charm or the blessed Sandman,
to help me with my wailing baby banshee.

When will the shoemaker elves visit me,
wonder and longingly gaze at footwear so dear.

My wishes all have come true,
though my guardian angels, I never saw you.

The day my rose-tinted glasses came off,
It dawned on me, what magic’s really made of.

My graceful ways saved me from the stern teacher’s wrath.
My hard work enchanted my papers from being marked red.

My tender love intoxicated my dreamboat to swoon all over me.
My elbow grease vanquished my nemesis.

My soothing croons charmed the baby to a snooze.
My diligent labor gifted me my dear footwear.

The sweet realization came to me,
The secret ingredient that made my life magical, was me!

And what’s the advice I give now to my little girl?
Wait not for thy guardian angel, be thy own angel!


And this post being special to me, I present to you a note from Kala. Here you go:

Hey Folks,

This is my first time as a Guest Blogger, like the first time ever on any blog! So I am pretty chuffed!! Thanks to my dear friend Ramya, I am here on her space, allowed to rave about the way I usually do on my space Relax-N-Rave! Thanks a bunch Ramya, love you to bits!!

Ramya’s theme for the UBC this month is women-centric and she’s been doing a fantastic job of it!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of fantasy and the world of make-believe! Fairy Godmothers, Naughty Pixies, Hard-working Elves, Nasty Goblins, Gold-digging Dwarves, magic wands and all the rest have been on my mind more than I would care to admit.

Till date, I believe there is magic around us, in our everyday lives, little do we realize who creates it!



It is the last day of UBC, yeah, I saved this for the last day and I am glad I did. 🙂

On this note also tell me how you liked the series and what are your views?



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