We have a zillion thoughts running through our mind. No, not the over thinking thoughts. The thought that flows in general, thinking of twitter feed while cooking, a new idea of a blog post when you are neck deep in work and an event of the past, the nostalgia and how it could have been better. Yeah, you got me now, that kind of thinking, we women are experts in.  Working hard to meet the deadlines and thinking of what must be happening at the house. This is one such poem:

And the zillion conversation begin!
It comes so naturally from within.
As the tea leaves boil in the water,
My mind chats about my roles as a daughter.

I should have been polite yesterday,
but then she made me say.
And then the mind drifts away
thinking of the events of yesterday.

The tea is ready and I am dizzy,
Thinking of the day that is going to be busy.
Will my leave be approved?
I hope the trash is removed.

Will he like the presentation,
Is he going to question my dedication?
What will I buy for lunch?
Healthy or junk to munch.

And then the silly jokes that my mind cracks,
Few memories it brings back.
Then my mind wanders away to a dreamland,
I will show you if you hold my hand.
Bound by sands of time.
Maybe that as well will rhyme!

It is Day 20 of UBC!

Also linking to the Midweek Motif ~ Conversation



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