While this is for everyone in general, women in particular. 😉

Waking up to the thundering alarm,
Brushing teeth looking at your face which looks as if there was a storm.
Geyser on and the wardrobe open,
you can’t choose from the ocean!

And just when you decide what you will wear,
sprints into the bathroom your now awake roomie dear.
You prepare yourself a cup of tea,
and get lost in the thought sea.

She jolts you back to reality by shouting for getting late,
As much as you love her, today you hate!
Quick shower and breakfast and the run,
Just then kisses the sun.

The warmth in a cold morning soothing,
That is how we keep moving.
Your desk awaits you with a pile of work,
You slog and come out after the dark.

Get back to what you now call home,
No strength to observe or roam.
Exhausted you fall asleep immediately at times,
or sit late night with groggy eyes to pen poems that rhymes.

Day 25 of UBC.



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