The Widow who survived- Widows in India are treated differently. No matter how we choose to deny the fact the poem below is based on true incidents and might resonate with many. While the situation is not as bad as before, survival of a woman after her husband’s death is painful and a challenge in itself.

Here goes the poem:

She was the happy woman,
multi-colored & a beautiful human.
Life played a nasty game
Nothing could ever be the same.

Society modern but old school,
A bunch of fools.
Now she can’t have the vermilion and flowers,
can’t wear the sacred thread that symbolizes their betrothal.

She is judged at every step,
From the dress to character,
The upbringing of her child,
and her ways to earn an income.
But she silently goes on,
With her husband gone,
people added to the misery and agony.

Women, be kind,tragedy can strike anyone,
Men, this could happen to your loved one.
We have just a single life,
please live and let live.

Written for day 13 of  UBC.


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