One of the biggest menaces in the Indian society is the dowry system. Here is a poem on the same lines, expressing my opinions.

She came in carried in a palanquin,
Draped in silk ,
Adorned in jewels.
Full of life and dreams,
With love she beams.

The relationship made out of bargains,
money over the mind.
abuse over love.
Demands that never end,
She just needed a husband a friend.

She did what was asked for and more,
Her body and soul are now sore.
Budging in all in vain,
And even the more in pain.

Apple of her father’s eye,
Her life now all a lie,
Her mother’s angel,
Everyone seems like a stranger.

She ceased worrying about the society,
Repeated abuse, violence she took in quietly.
It was now a question of survival,
Standing up and raising voice was now vital.
There are many like her today,
Remember lovely ladies,
Don’t demand or give dowry,
It is just a way to add to the misery.
Lead by example, live and let live.
At the doors of death,
memories matter
not thy money.

And it is Day 11 of UBC!


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