You read poems on brave women, strong women,atrocities against women, the chatter,dreams and hopes of women. Time to know about the woman who penned all this 😉

Ah! I feel old by calling myself woman, though 😛.So here goes a poem about me:

I wake up at the first ring of the alarm,
And drink water lukewarm.
I love meaningful conversations,
I live for vacations.

I am a working woman,
I respect compassionate humans.
Chocolate- lover I am,
And I don’t like being called Ma’am!

I read myself to sleep,
Secrets I can keep.
I am always multi-tasking,
The other times I am dreaming.

I love children,
As much as the mountains.
I am moved by stories of dreams and passion,
It gives me so much of satisfaction.

Tea is for my soul,
I will repel if you try to control.
I forgive because I love myself,
I love magic,fairy tales, and elf.
In an affair with nature.
A beautiful happy creature!


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Day 22 of UBC!


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