Child marriages still do exist. In so many developing countries, it does. I read the book A Thousand Splendid Suns when I was in my class 11. I was shattered and broken. So I took a lot of time to write this and hence the delay in posting.

Here goes the poem:

I have heard stories of my birth,
how my mother had to leave the earth.
And my father burdened with me,
I always tried my best to be the good girl you see.

I yearned for friends and the slate,
With hope, for a long time, I did wait.
I was happy with the tattered doll,
I grew up thin and tall.

Out of the blue, we had guests one day,
But they looked big for me to play.
The ugly looking women cleaned me up,
shining clothes and a lot of makeup.

From shining clothes to none in few hours,
I shrieked in pain and looked like the dead flowers.
I had asked daddy for a friend.
With a demon, life I had to spend.
In a week, my life came to an end.
My mother’s soul now rests in peace.
Mine awaits a release.
I am invisible and shoo all demons away from people like me,
Looks like my soul forever trapped it will be.

And it is Day 15 of UBC


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