A Hundred Dreams: A lot of dreams are given up for the family. At the end of the day, we live with a hundred dreams that we couldn’t chase. Here is one such poem :

Of the many dreams that will remain just dreams,
They were too big for me it seems.
I nurtured a family with my blood,sweat, and tears,
Gave in the prime years.

The Salsa class I dreamed of once,
Now these dreams look like the knife blunt.
Of visiting the school and walking in the grounds familiar,
My father always told me I was a born winner.
Of the wins that I no longer cherish.

Of the languages not learned,
and the opportunities I had to let go.
Of the dreams of just being me,
that in my children I see.
The wrinkles that my dreams defy,
At every point, I try to justify.

Of the dreams of reading,
Thinking of which my heart is now bleeding.
In the old age home now I dream of peace,
from the thoughts and unfinished dreams that haunt.
The body too old for the soul and its dreams,
I dream for my soul to rest in peace ,
and for the pain that it’s causing to the body to cease.

And it is Day 23 of UBC


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