Dear diary,

I hope you are keeping well. I know I haven’t written to you in a really long time now. I am a mommy now, you know. Wow, it feels so good calling myself that. Like I have achieved a big feat. My baby turned two yesterday.

Time flies,right? Feels like it was just yesterday I found out I was pregnant and was in the verge of a nervous breakdown. No, not because I did not want the baby, but, because I wanted my baby to have a beautiful childhood with two wonderful parents. I wanted her to be showered with love,care and affection. I did not want her to fight the ghosts of past and insecurities. No, I did not want her to give a troubled childhood like I had.

The memories of Ben leaving still sends a shiver down my spine, like it all happened a few minutes ago. But life has changed a lot since then. Had it not been for Ruby growing inside me, I probably would not have been alive, writing this to you. In the misery of self pity I don’t know what I would have done.

Life is so fragile, you know. One moment I had no reason to stay alive and the next moment I did everything to keep myself alive. Today, I am not writing to you to discuss the past, but to tell you that Ruby was the best thing that happened to me. She is the priceless gem I have got.

Oh, she is so beautiful and cute that you would just feel like cuddling her. And sometimes you would feel she is fragile like life itself. But she will surprise you by being strong, like she surprised me today by being the good baby despite having high fever. Like she knows how to take care of the fragile me.

Ruby made me fall in love with the life I once wanted to give up. My life now revolves around her. I work hard to make ends meet and when I feel I have gone through everything and there’s nothing more bad I can see, life knocks me down to make me more strong.

I dread so many things, the questions Ruby will ask me, the woman she will turn out to be and her future. Pushing my apprehensions aside, I am enjoying the motherhood right now.

Till the next time, stay healthy and happy my friend.




A fiction after a very long time.Writing this post for Day 3 of Barathon


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