Author: Nilesh Rathod
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publications
ISBN: 978-81-291-3975-7
Price: Rs 200/-
No. of pages: 244

About the Author:

Nilesh Rathod is a poet and an entrepreneur. The Destiny of Shattered dreams is his debut novel in contemporary fiction. He resides in Mumbai with his family and is currently working on his second novel .


Destiny of Shattered dreams gives the readers a glimpse of what happens beyond the glittering  masquerade of corporate stardom. The protagonist of the book is Atul Malhotra who is ambitious, passionate, courageous and is living his dream as a famous entrepreneur.

Atul learns the art of gambling for higher stakes and what soon follows is a game of treachery, murder, and infidelity. The book also touches on the corporate-political connection that not only ruins Atul’s career but also shatters his dreams and forces his ethics to bend and twist as required.

This book touches on contract killers, swiss accounts, sordid affairs,and dirty games. The tale of a middle-class boy who learns and negotiates his way into dirty politics, power plays and makes choices that break lives. Atul’s raw passion and wrong decisions destroy his family, company and finally himself.

My Say:

The book is fast paced as it claims to be but not a one sitting read. The book goes into detail about the nitty gritties of law, telecommunication business, finance, and scams. The author has used his rich knowledge into the book, which at times made me feel like I was reading a non-fiction of various topics.While a background is required, too much information spoils things, like I using my engineering technicalities into use in my fiction. Not good, right? I would skip that part and I did. But on a lighter note, I learned few things about finance and banking, but that was not the reason for picking up the book.

The book’s opening is quite interesting, but felt like the Tamil movie Shivaji’s opening, just that Atul wasn’t a good man, he had blood on his hands and his greed destroying his own life. The book has beautiful Hindi poetries in between, which I loved. They are beautiful and intricate.

The bookmark was better than the cover in my opinion. At some places, the book became boring and fell flat. The struggles of a relationship, balancing between family and ambition and few real life experiences are dealt beautifully.

  • Short chapters.
  • Looked almost real, unlike many Indian author’s writing.
  • Simple language excluding the finance and legal part.
  • The protagonist’s role is unpredictable when compared to the other characters, which keeps the book interesting.
  • Poor editing
  • Poor proof-reading
  • Few loose ends

Being the author’s debut novel, it is a good read. A one time, of course. If you are familiar with the corporate language, its is a delight.

I would rate the book a 3.8/5.


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