It was a beautiful evening, ten years ago. I was counting all the friendship bands my hand was adorned with. Proudly  showing off and boasting who tied which and comparing it with my little brother. I had more than him of course. Friendship day was one of the best days in school. It was fun. This was unlike other friendship days because  it was the only friendship day that I had made a new friend,along with the cherishing the ones I already had.

So she was wearing this beautiful dress and it had shades of yellow and green. The colors vibrant and full of life like how she is. She had every perfect feature. She was too pretty and modest to be real and she was all mine. I was so glad I did not have to share her with my family members or any of my friends. She was this enigmatic thing, anyone could fall in love with her and I was protective and possessive about her. I still am. And we have been best friends ever since we met.

Over time we interact less, but the silence we share as I sip my hot tea is so comfortable.  She is the comfort and peace I need every morning. The eight months I was in Chennai, I really missed her, we have hardly stayed away but she took it well. My usual visits to Bangalore was amazing because she would be there in the morning and in the evening daily,  smiling flashing the perfect white. All my stress vanishes. She has seen the best and worst of me. Stuck with me when none did. My tears when fell on her she just wiped it and gave me more strength. Anytime, my friend is what she replies,when I needed her.

I don’t know her name yet. Shocked? Well, I can understand but she told me I could call her anything and I haven’t decided yet. It’s been years but we are fine with it.

Behold, she is being introduced to the world for the first time. I have asked her permission and she is a little shy but she is okay with it and I am so glad she is. She is the beautiful cup my dad gifted me, always with the refreshing hot tea. We have had fights but we got back always.It was Bournvita initially and tea permanently! I love my best friend. So, presenting to you my gorgeous friend.

Lovely she is, isn’t she? 😉

She and I wish you a very Happy Friendship day! May all the bonds we form grow stronger and remain with us forever. And of course, friendship runs on chai. Doesn’t it? 😉

This post has been written in association with Chaayos & Blogchatter on occasion of Friendship Day


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