Everything in this universe has boundaries. The countries are separated by boundaries. We are limited by boundaries. The sky and water are not spared too! So in the world full of boundaries, how should love survive?

No, I don’t mean the boy-girl love, I mean all forms of love. With so many people and advancements boundaries, now have just expanded. I agree, staying strong help and once in a while, someone, somewhere survives it all. Few of them become famous and few remain unsung heroes.

Then there are some times when you need to keep boundaries, you know restrict it. Too much of anything is not good. My mom overdoes things sometimes and my dad and I just don’t get her, probably that is why she has more friends than us and also has to suffer more pain than the two of us when someone breaks her heart or does not realize she crossed her self-made boundaries to help the person.

Boundaries, tricky, eh? Has any boundary self-made or society stopped you from pursuing your dreams? We all in one way or the other are heroes, unknown.

Here is one such tale:

This post is written for Day 4 of Write Tribe Festival of Words #5

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