Moving to unknown places and meeting new people wasn’t anything new to me. I had to make new friends and adjust every time my dad got transferred. For any problems, I faced when it came to adjusting in such environments, I conveniently blamed it on my father’s transfers.
I think more than any adjustment, all I needed was to love and to be loved. Being the eldest kid in the house, I craved for that more from outside, from the friends I made. Every time I got close to people, we would just part ways because of misunderstandings or either of our immaturity. The need just increased as I grew up. I have a good bunch of friends but there is a void that hasn’t been filled yet.
When you are away from your family, it is the bond that you form with a new but somehow familiar person that help you survive. In an unknown city with less known language and dark people, we need to feel that we belong, that we do matter to someone. And I was lucky I found one. She was an amazing friend and a wonderful colleague. We shared the same level of craziness and we supported each other through thick and thin.
So today with her permission presenting to you  a true terribly tiny tale.

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