I yearned for friends always,
But many parted ways.
The numbers mattered I thought,
Pain and disappointment it brought.

My mind had fed me a strong potion
that being alone meant lonely.
I lived in denial for many years,
With agony and in tears.

I was fifteen and I was alone,
My mum stayed with me and did not let me groan.
I was eighteen and I had to leave home,
It felt like in Rome I was left alone to roam.

The potion that fed the notion now seemed to wear off,
I felt like a singer with a cough.
Alone felt good,
More of myself I understood.
I fell in love with myself.
I was beautiful and mysterious than life itself.

Now there are no tears or fears,
I did something that none could do in years.
I was the best company  I could ever find.




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