Dear mamma and papa,
life recently has been all action and drama.
Full stops you taught but why not the comma?
Resilient I am, but there is too much of trauma.
Respect your elders you told,
With gratitude hands, you fold.
Not being submissive you did not,
With so many lessons, you must have forgot.
Always forgive and forget you taught,
I feel  it is an action without thought.
For forgiveness hadn’t seen toxic people,
I wish you had taught me how to deal with evil.
The darkest hour has seen you with me,
Around me, you always will not be.
How to live alone you taught but why not without you ?
When you both are gone and nobody around, what should I do?
From school to husband everything you chose,
I do not regret it, heaven knows.
You dislike the decisions I make,
You fear it may be wrong,but how will you know if you don’t let me take?
My tears you wiped,
Sometimes with me, you cried.
My challenges with me you took,
Every day I create a new memory book.
I know you changed my life and I yours,
Ours is a relationship that endures.
We have done our share of mistakes,
In parenting I don’t know how many mistakes it takes.
I have no complaints.

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