Be it a startup or a release of a new product or service, they invest a lot in promotion and advertisements. One such promotion tactic is the product review. You are planning to buy a new phone or probably an electronic gadget, you tend to look out for the reviews. Be it food, fashion or travel, we tend to look out for reviews nowadays.  

Buyer’s confusion reduces and the companies can establish a brand in the market. The process of marketers meeting influencers and vice versa is a difficult task. The marketer’s don’t know what to expect and the bloggers sometimes may not be able to fulfill the marketer’s expectation. There are many such problems likewise.

Indiblogger  presents to all the bloggers and the marketers an automated platform called to get their Press Releases published by top bloggers.The Automated Influencer Targeting Engine or ‘AITE’ works its charm once a marketer releases the press release and a blogger applies for it. The AITE finds the best of the applied bloggers for the assignment based on the Alexa rank, the regular updates on blogs and the Indi ranks. Once shortlisted, the shortlisted bloggers research, read the press release, understand the requirements and then churns out posts specifically tailored for the needs and  adds value to the press release.

Here is what Anoop Johnson, Co-founder & Director of Marketing at IndiBlogger, has to say “With a starting budget of just USD 150, a business of any size will be able to get their press releases published by influential bloggers with a few clicks.”

Amazing! isn’t it ?

Renie Ravin, the Founder, and CEO of IndiBlogger says that he believes that this system will help Influencers with fresh and new content on their site every day. In a way, the influencers could be writing about the next Google without even realising its immense potential.

We wouldn’t know until we try. 

The IndiPR assists the marketers and they have the following advantages:

  1. All they need to do is upload a press release.
  2. It is more than SEO.
  3. General awareness and content marketing are taken care of.
  4. There is a buzz on the product/startup in the world of internet via blogs.
  5. All this happens in less than 72 hours.

The bloggers are assisted in the following ways: 
  1. They can choose the campaign they want to do and in which their comfort zone lies.
  2. A way of generating revenue.
  3. A way of generating traffic.
  4. Get more creative assignments
  5. Attend many events
  6. Be up to date with the latest news.

  So if you are a startup or want to launch a new product, or if you want to be the greatest influencer and write amazing posts or have a panache for writing and is interested  IndiPR is your humble abode.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Anoop Johnson
Email Id: [email protected]
Phone – +91-9900-001655 or 0124-4891498


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