“The Wanderlust has got me… by the belly-aching fire” 
― Robert W. Service

Lovely quote. Ain’t it? Kinda describes my situation. When you are very busy and can’t afford to take a break but need to take one. Or if you are a parent, I get it. It is extremely difficult to quench your thirst if you are bitten by the wanderlust bug.

There are just so many factors, you got to be free, ask your boss the permission, approvals at home, budget (heavy on pocket would not be a rejuvenating trip. Would it be?) and the reasons unable to travel will just go on.

The list maker I am, here are a few things that you could do to quench your thirst and satisfy your wanderlust:

  1.  Small trips: Weekend getaways are one of the best options. A small trip but a great weekend spent away from chaos and hustle can get you going for days.
  2. Accept Invitations: A friend calling you home for a long time ? And you postponed it because it is in a different city. Grab the opportunity. Friends or relatives, drop by and they would be happy. And your mission accomplished.
  3.  Books: This one magical creation that will take you miles without moving an inch.
  4. Long Drives and Local Outing: It often happens that we don’t visit places within the city in which we live but want to travel to different states and countries. A long drive and local visiting and shopping do help.
  5. Walking: This is the last option and I don’t like it much, though. If you weren’t able to plan or your plans were cancelled the last moment. Go to the nearby park. Kick out your shoes and the walk barefoot on the grass, soak in the evening sunset, indulge and then get back.

If you have ideas apart from these, do share it in the comment box and if you took in something new, let me know which option would you select, right now?

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. The theme being  A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

Also linking it to day 20 of UBC

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