Welcome to the desert state of India. Studded with must-sees and filled with travellers. We shall be visiting the capital city- Jaipur.

The pink city, as we left the air-conditioned airport, a warm breeze hit us. It was night and we wanted to retire for the day, but I kept on searching for pink things despite being tired. After all, it was called the pink city. As we moved further into the city,I could see the city painted in pink and our enthusiastic driver , being a local, narrated to us a beautiful story. So Prince Wales and Queen Victoria visited our country on a tour and the king Ram Singh painted the whole city in pink because the color signifies hospitality. Athithi Devo bhava at its peak I say!

So we checked  into this hotel, a former palace and I was so smitten by its beauty and ambience, that I did not want to leave the palace at all. After a good night’s sleep. I explored the beautiful palace and fell heads and heals in love with this palace we stayed in, it was like some kind of magic trick that the place was playing with me, luring me further inside. No ya, no chandramukhi or lost ghost inside. I was the ghost wandering the palace at the early hours. Wait, there is more, there is this huge library with awesome books and a verandah with comfy chairs where a bibliophile can go cozy and read and tired souls can soak in nature. The hotel is called Arya Niwas. They did not pay me but
I want to mention them here because it is really such a beautiful, convenient and affordable place to stay with great ambience, accommodating staff and good food.

That’s Arya Niwas for you

Getting into the city of palaces and monkeys we began with the beautiful city palace. Okay, so I went all awww here and drooled. Yeah, the architecture fascinated me more than the food. I wished it were mine. You got to visit this and I bet you would resonate my feelings.

There are Jantar Mantar , Hawa mahal and much more that google has to say. Similar architecture , enigmatic grace, with awesome flamboyance.

Special mention to the Amer fort. Get a guide and enjoy the elephant ride like the royals. I being an animal lover, did not opt for it, though. But people sitting on it were amazed and indeed behaved like royals. So, here is where some part of Jodha- Akbar movie was filmed.
Architecture amazing designs intricate, colorful and my camera roll finished. Like I say, visit and you shall not regret kinda place this is. Rajasthan is one of the places that I would like to keep visiting.


The shopaholic me could not resist the offer. There are great varieties of footwear, handmade products, anklets, jewelry , bags and what not except for my thin and poor purse.

Enjoy the art,craft and culture and soak yourselves into the pretty pink city of the country

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. The theme being  A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

Also linking it to day 19 of UBC

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