Hello, folks! Today we will be visiting the hill station town today. Let’s beat the heat I say. 
The fragrance  of coffee , aroma of fresh cardamom,black pepper, and honey welcomes you to the city of Mercara,Karnataka. Headquarters of Kodagu.

Road trips from Bangalore to Madikeri is amazing and Mysore to Madikeri is awesome. The air is cold and the greenery inviting. And once you start experiencing this the writer in you wants to spin something, but there are many such wonderful and soul-filling places in between, so  put your thinking caps and pens down and let mother nature and her beauty mesmerise you.

I visited during the rainy season and it was a pleasant experience. I would suggest you to visit after the rainy season when there is plenty of water and nature is preparing for winter.
Abbey falls first. Keep your cameras ready and click some beautiful selfies. Water gushes and as she flows , with tremendous unstoppable force , she sprinkles her love to you. You must see to believe it. And once you have made enough memories here. Let us move on. Oh, come on , it’s late already, let us get going.  You don’t want to miss out other good things. Do you?

Let us speed up, we don’t want to miss out the sunset from the Raja Seat. The view is breathtaking. I shall not elaborate. So once you are done awwing and found yourself back after getting lost for some time, stay in Madikeri or any good place in Kodagu District. I suggest Madikeri, a little expense and you can  really enjoy this wonderful place.  In the morning, do not miss out on the inviting cup of coffee to rejuvenate  yourself and continue exploring Madikeri and the nearby wonders

After the filling coffee, we have breakfast at one of the good restaurants-hot Idlis and vada and another cuppa of coffee from the home of coffee.

Omkareshwara Temple is not only for the devout but for those seeking inner peace.

Do not miss Talakadu or Talacauvery and you will regret not.The scenery is stupendous you can look,feel and touch the mist it is like walking in the clouds.  This is the sacred place where river Cauvery is born or source of Cauvery.   Once in a year the small tank which appears full all the time and where you can offer prayers or enjoy ultimate experience.

Also,  visit Nisargadhama which is on the way from Mysore to Madikeri, near Kushalnagar.  This is where there is a huge Tibetan settlement and you can monasteries also. You can find peace and tranquillity.

That’s all for today if you are staying Bangalore get there to beat the heat.

P.S.:People say the local booze is good. I have no idea, though.

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. The theme being  A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

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