I was raised by my friends and teachers in Kendriya Vidyalaya. They came from all walks of life. Many kids of the brave men in olive. All religion, languages and customs and we embraced each other and the amagalmation amazing. It was diwali, eid , vishu and Christmas for everyone of us. The winter break during Christmas meant invitation to houses who beautifully decorated their house with the Christmas tree. For me it was time I could pester my dad to go on a long trip. After the visits to friends ‘s place of course. The feeling is beyond words .

Christmas is that time of they year, when any travel could go perfect but could go haywire without planning. The climate is welcoming. You could visit all those places which ate usually scorching hot. The hotel and transport bookings are full in India, like in Kolkata in navrathri and Mysore during dusshera.

NRIs return to visit their family in India during this time, so you can expect a lot of filled bookings everywhere. It is the time when kids get their winter breaks and people move. I mean people visit their relatives , go on trips and its time for some merry as new year is nearing too.

So if you are planning any tours for the Christmas in India. Pre-booking to the rescue guys!

Christmas and New Year happen to be about a week apart and for most this is the season of celebration, gifting and revelry and also coming home,if your workplace is somewhere else or if you are abroad and have family here in  India. The mood is festive and merry. So any place would be enthralling to visit. But here are the places that is at its best during that time:

1. Goa:
Goa tops the list. Goa is a very beautiful and well maintained city. Beautiful beaches that attract foreign and native tourists. Where tradition, fun and frolic blends in. You must visit her to know her.
2. Kerala:
The state being in the coastal area , this is the best time to visit. And its within the budget ,so if you miss out on Goa, you can hog in Kerala.

3. Delhi/Chennai/ Bangalore:
Its fun here anytime of the year. Delhi and Chennai would have pleasant climate and visiting, shopping and stay would be pleasant. Bangalore will be chilled out at that time .

So, a memorable trip would make you gain some extra pounds but its one of the best ways to embrace the new year. Relaxed and happy. You are refreshed and all ready to face and make memories of the coming days.

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. The theme being  A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

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