“India has two million gods and worships them all. In religion all other countries are paupers; India is the only millionaire.” – Mark Twain 

Mark Twain has put it rightly, being rich in religion and yet secular enough what makes India a country. 

There are plenty of temples in India, famous and pious. And there are a lot of famous mosques, churches, and other religious places.

Wiki says Jammu is the Temple city of India. I beg to differ because  there are so many famous temples across India. Our country could be called the country of temples. What say?

So my history book kept on telling me that Meenakshi Temple and Kapaleshwar temple in Tamilnadu were temples one must not miss. Chidambaram and temples in Kanchipuram and Tanjore included.

While I continued to study about those temples, I visited a plethora of temples in South Kanara- The Udupi Sri Krishna Temple,Anegude,Dharmasthala and the wiki has it all. Then there is the famous temple in Tirupathi and Tirumala where millions of devotees flock yearly.

So I could just keep on going. Here is list of all the must visit temples in India:

  1. Vaishno Devi:  Let us begin our journey from the crown of our country-Jammu. A manifestation of goddess Mahalakshmi. There is adrenaline rush involved to reach this temple. Visit it to know more and be blessed by the goddess.
  2. Badrinath-Kedarnath:  Where- Uttarakhand . Former is where Lord Vishnu resides and in the latter Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu can see you only from April to November, the weather is too harsh later.
  3. Kashi Vishwanath: Located in Varanasi. Lord Shiva resides here. Hindus believe that if they pay respect to the departed soul in this pious land it would be forgiving them from any sin they had done and the curses of their ancestors. In general, for salvation.
  4. Jagganath Temple: Puri district of Orissa resides Lord Jagannath-the Lord of the universe. Beware of pickpocketers and have a pleasant stay here.
  5. Meenakshi Temple:This architectural wonder is situated in Madurai. Dedicated to Lord Shiva’s wife-Parvathi. A very beautiful temple, says my history textbook.
  6. Kapaleshawar Temple: In Chennai , where Lord Shiva and goddess  resides, there are much more to bless you too.
  7. Balaji temple: In Tirumala, a very famous Balaji temple. You are bound to stand in the queue for hours no matter which day. Do not forget to relish the laddu.
  8. Guruvayur: In Kerala, resides lord Krishna. A very beautiful temple, easily approachable.
  9. Bull Temple: In Bangalore, they say the deity grows in size. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t. Okay?
  10. Golden Temple: In Amritsar, a very beautiful and pious place. You may be of any religion but you will be drawn and fold your hands to pray.
There is Vriupaksha, askhardam and much more. Visit to pray and admire the architectural beauty.

I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. The theme being  A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

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