Yeah, you read it right. Another post on the Indian railways .No, I am no brand ambassador of the Indian Railways and I did have other options for S. But the luxurious trains are something worth mentioning and the experience one must not miss out.

When I was a small kid and it was our first long trip. I don’t remember which grade I was in, but I do remember the trip very well because I was going to travel in Rajdhani for the first time and my social studies book had some really fascinating things to say about the luxurious train.
After the first wonderful experience on this train, I had a few more and recently I have been bitten by the Shatabdi bug. So Shatabdi means centenary. To commemorate the centenary of Chacha Nehru, this high speed, and high importance train started its journey in the year 1988.
This train connects the metropolitan cities to other important cities .
Here are the five reasons why you must experience this train journey:
  1. Fully Air-conditioned with comfy and spacious seats and it is clean.
  2. Neat washrooms and enough luggage space.
  3. Food! You need not pack a thing from home.
  4. You could work on your laptop or iPad and be least assured with its safety.
  5. And you could save journey time by at least an hour. It usually reaches on time.

The tickets are costly but every good thing comes with a price. Rajdhani is to the country capital and there is Duronto Express connecting various major cities. High efficiency and brilliant speed.

How has your experience been with these trains? I am waiting to board the Gatimaan. How excited are you to board and experience it ?
I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. The theme being  A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

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