I present to you today on my platter the land that has produced some of the finest leaders in the past, present and preparing for the future as well, the land of lions and leaders.
I spent two years of my childhood in Ahmedabad and the memories still remain fresh. I must provide a considerable amount of credit to this state for my good Hindi. This city will instantly make you fall in love with it. I had one of the best time in my life there. I ate a lot of ice cream there. By lot, I mean really a lot. Every variety I have had to beat the heat and of course to relished them. Ah, those were some good days. I shall tell you more about my experiences, let us know more about the place.

Don’t we all love that small girl in the brilliant advertisements of Amul, and the delicious ice cream. Its from Gujarat. And you could hog all the varieties without burdening the pocket.

These are awesome

People are easy going and awesome. There is one thing you would  notice once you step into any town in Gujarat is that you can visit any hotel or dhaba and be confident that it serves only vegetarian food and ice cream is part and parcel of menu of any hotel worth its name. And guys, it’s a dry state.

This can happen only in Gujarat:

1. The Transport Jugaad: In Ahmedabad(Gujarat in general), you get into any auto(share auto I mean) and showcase your ability to bargain the fare, you could save a fortune. You can also carry as much as luggage as you want or can carry, there is no limit and it is your capability, unlike Bangalore who charges you extra just because you carry two strolleys.

2. Hospitality: One thing that distinguishes all other towns from the ones in Gujarat is their friendliness and hospitality.

3. Safety for women: No town to match Ahmedabad or Rajkot or Surat or for that matter all of the towns in Gujarat when it comes to the movement of women alone or accompanied by family. So, if you are a woman,and travelling alone. This is your paradise, just that it is too hot.

4. No Traffic Chit Pit: In Ahmedabad if you were to be caught in traffic snarl there comes a good samaritan who is also a commuter to rescue and goes ahead without much ado.

5. Amul doodh pita hain India: If there is one state where you could get the maximum number of varieties and easy availability of ice cream, it must be Gujarat. There is Mangalore too but yet, the experience here is unique. Haven’t I said enough about the ice creams?
Hey, wait we aren’t done! I just told you few things.

Visit Surat, you don’t want to miss out on textiles and diamonds among many other amazing things. Do you?

Visit Porbandar, the birth place of the Mahatma and land of Mafia woman. And for those who relish fish, this is the place to be.

Drop by to Gandhidham: You get to buy the desi Gujarat- special garments, the bandini and like with brilliant designs and lovely colours and it is totally affordable!
Mind you from Gandhidham  you are not far off from our neighbour Pakistan.

The wiki and Gujrat tourism have done a great job so you will get to know a  lot of places. By now you would have known I don’t reflect Wiki things, just my things.
So do not miss out on the following :

1. Visiting Akshardham and the garment shops near Law College.
2. Visiting Gir.
3. FAFDA and Hot Jilebis besides Ice creams.
4. Visit during Kite flying. You would think it is a national past time going by the enthusiasm everywhere and this is one infection everybody likes to have and enjoy.
5. The Navratri- Garba and Dandiya. Need I say more?
6. Learn some Gujrathi words. Majema and Khemcho are two words you will never get tired of using.

Visit Gujarat to have the best of a lifetime!
Till the next time take care! 
I am participating in the #A-ZChallenge. My theme is A-Z of travelling in India.Come along and take the journey with me to experience incredible India.

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