I took up the A-Z Challenge as a part of my resolution of completing two challenges this year, and if I successfully finish it, I would be finishing three challenges this year. I saw many of my blogger friends take this challenge last year and I was late to sign up. I wasn’t determined to take it up, but finishing the ultimate blog challenge inspired me to participate in more such challenges, and then I decided to participate and survive the challenge, then also be benefited by the perks of it. The networking, more reading and striving to improve the content. 

I struggled to choose between three themes. Then I decided to blog the A-Z of Travelling in India.I travelled a lot and always wanted to share my experiences but not the Wiki way. I am not sure if the theme was perfect, you would know that better. Although it was challenging , I felt I would try something out of my fiction, poem comfort zone and then I just wrote,  pre-scheduled and waited for 00:01 and waited for Blog Chatter to retweet it. Like I told them,it was a magic wand for me.

So,on Blog Chatter‘ s demand and out of my own interest I write this post.
So here are the three bloggers that I started reading because of the A to Z Challenge and whose posts I love:

1. Shalini: She blogs at Tale Of Two Tomatoes . Her posts are brilliant. Her experiences married to the olive green she shares. Straight from the  heart. And I would get back to her post the challenge too.  

2. Era: She blogs at The Era I lived In. Parenting she writes about and she shares with us her experiences with her little one Pari. I am no parent. But I see children nowadays and I make notes as of how bad parents are raising them. I don’t know how good a parent I would be, but my opinions Era resonates. And I would love to get back to her blog.

3. Roma: She blogs at Straight From The Heart.  She blogs about something very close to my heart. Women empowerment and liberation. Her stories  are heart wrenching and compel one to act on gender inequality and crimes against women.  Her style of narration I love. I would without any doubt visit her blog.

And as far as my posts, these are my favorite : 

1. A Traveller’s Diary : I poured out my heart and shared my journey .

2. Cleanliness Catastrophe : A topic that needed to be highlighted and it served its purpose.

3. Glorious Gujarat : My stay in the place was awesome and wanted to share more but gave my best here.

Hang on there, we have so many more things to plan and lovely places to visit. I welcome you to be a part of the roller coaster ride. 

Apart from the three above, I read a lot many of you daily. My blogbuddy team I shall always follow and encourage, sometimes I may not comment but I love their posts. 

You can read my posts so far for the challenge here.

Also linking it to day 10 of UBC.

Finding next level blog love through #AtoZChallenge with #Blogchatter’

Wait, its not over, thank you  Blog Chatter. Association with you has always been a pleasure and thanks for giving a platform that unites so many bloggers who help you and encourage you.


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